In With The New….

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog and for that I am sorry! A lot has changed since I first started the blog. I started the blog over two and a half years ago as a way to release my inner fashion obsession. Fashion Without Borders has played a huge part in my life and I am so grateful to have had it. But a lot has changed over the years. My personal style has changed, my interests and my goals as a writer. I’ve been struggling trying to restart the blog but couldn’t find the interest. It’s been a battle trying to decide where to go from here and that’s when I realized Fashion Without Borders was no longer fitting into my life. As a result this will be the last post I write on this blog. I am so grateful for my followers and the opportunities this blog has brought me over time. It is hard to move on but I know I’m on the bigger and better things.

And what are those bigger and better things? Well for one I’m starting a new blog. One that will fit my personal style and interests that I have now. My new blog On The Fringe will be launching July 22nd.

Coming Soon...

Here’s a little blurb about what to expect:

On The Fringe is a style inspiration blog written by the leather obsessed, hippie hugging style enthusiast Sophie Annaliese. Sophie Annaliese Fredericksen was the former creator and writer of Fashion Without Borders. She has expanded her love of fashion, fringe and the occasional cocktail to create a style bible of sorts for the fashion starved girl.  On The Fringe is a watering hole for the free spritied girl, the girl who isn’t afraid to be daring, the girl who wears her flower crown with pride and the girl who is living life On The Fringe!

I have been so blessed for everything Fashion Without Borders has brought me and I am sadden to have to leave it’s fans. But I hope many of you will be following me to On The Fringe.

Thank you all for everything!



Five Trends We Love

It’s funny how life gets in the way and suddenly months have flown by. I guess that’s my excuse for my delay in posts. I recently got a job at a local clothing store (Cheeky Peach) and its taken up a lot of my time. But being surrounded by clothes has reignited my passion for fashion. Hence the return of the blog and now we are back for good (hopefully).

For those of you who don’t know, I am in love with cold weather. Maybe its because I master layers more efficiently than any other style or because I can rock a sweater. So when fall fashion week comes around each year I get overly excited. I’ve been rocking so many great trends this season its hard to keep my love all to myself:

1. Laced up BootsPicture 6

If there is one item I can label as “my thing” it would be boots. I have an extensive (an continuously growing) collection. And this season I added my first pair of lace up boots. I will admit I was skeptical about the lace up boot trend but once I tried it I became hooked. They add the perfect amount of edge to any outfit.

#2. Fun Fabulous SweatersPicture 7

Nothing says cold weather like a cozy sweater. And this year sweaters have been given a fun twist. Whether its a heart shaped elbow patch or a disheveled edging, We are loving this seasons sweaters with attitude.

#3. Oversized TopsImage

This year we traded out our summer crop tops for falls oversized top trend. This trend is great for fashion lovers like myself who, like a bear, tend to like the figure go during the winter. Not only are these tops extremely comfortable they also are very flattering for all shapes and sizes.

#4. Tribal PiecesImage

Stores have been stocked with pieces composed of tribal patterns or with tribal inspiration. When I first saw them I wasn’t impressed but as I’ve tried mixing and matching this pieces I’ve come to love the bold statements they make. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe whether with a colorfully printed cardigan or a bold sweater.

What trends are you currently lusting after?

We are back!!

You can now jump up and down with enthusiasm because Fashion Without Borders is back and with full force. I apologize for the hiatus but with school and being the Editor of Her Campus UGA I had very little time for FWB. But with summer here and my days a little less preoccupied Fashion Without Borders can officially return to being apart of your daily life… starting Monday!!


So much has happened during my long hiatus. The most exciting of them all is the new addition to my family. Meet Chunk! My 12 week old Lab/Bulldog mix puppy. He is both a bundle of joy and terror. I’m sure you will be seeing more of him and the ridiculous fashion I put him in!

Feel free to comment on any topics, trends or questions you would like for me to focus on in future posts. I look forward to once again being your daily dose of fashion.


Gifts for Her: The Beauty Lover

For the beauty lover in your life, these gifts are perfect for fulfilling any beauty needs.

  1. Cheetah Print Tweezers: $25
  2. Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick: $30
  3. Glitter Make-up Brush Set: $22.99
  4. Sally Hansen Salon Effects: $9
  5. Holiday Hugs Shampoo: $16
  6. Lippman Gold Glitter Nail Polish: $18
  7. Nars Trio Eyeshadow: $45
  8. Black Graffiti Ombre Nail Set: $22
  9. VS Runway Essential Make-up Kit: $35

  1. Lippmann ‘Get This Party Started’ Nail Trio: $42
  2. Curling Stick: $99
  3. Micro-Polishing System: $90
  4. Sugar Lips Set: $70
  5. Sake Bath and Candle Set: $80
  6. Lola Gift Set: $92
  7. Bobby Brown Eye Shadow Palette: $65
  8. Eyeshadow Pencil Sets: $55
  9. Laura Mercier Travel Brush Set: $85


Gifts for Her: The Fashion Lover

Fashion Without Borders is back and just in time for Christmas. Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I was busy building a team for Her Campus UGA which I am the new Editor-in-Chief for. But to make it up to you I’m giving you SIX (count ’em) days of Christmas filled with holiday gift ideas for her and him. As well as quick yet stylish holiday party looks and much more! So to start off Six Days of Christmas here are gift ideas for the girlfriend/friend/sister/mom who is fashion obsessed:

When shopping for the perfect gift it can be tempting to take the easy route and pick out a simple scarf or necklace. But for the fashionable women in your life, Try taking a new route and give them a give that they’ll never forget. Find a piece that is one of a kind or specific to their style.

  1. Zara Glitter Clutch: $35.90
  2. J.Crew Leopard Print Iphone Case: $25
  3. H&M Heels: $49.95
  4. H&M Glitter Sweater: $14.95
  5. Talullah Tu Purple Statement Necklace: $38.75
  6. 100 Ideas that Changed Fashion: $29.99

These pieces will not only stand out in their closet but they will also be unforgettable. Plus you won’t have to worry about giving them something they already have. Not many girls have sequin loafers yet every girl needs a pair

  1. Marc Jacobs Python Print Computer Case: $78
  2. Christian Louboutin Book: $95.44
  3. ASOS Blue Faux Croc Bag: $63.33
  4. Storets Glitter Loafers: $58.00
  5. Versace for H&M Dress: $79.95
  6. Kate Spade ‘Hi 5’ Gloves: $65
  7. Kate Spade ‘No Sleep Til Brooklyn’ Cuffs: $88
  8. Nordstrom Ombre Scarf: $98

Featured on Smashion

Hey guys! Sorry to be MIA lately. I’m starting up a new online publication at school called Her Campus UGA (check it out) and I’ve been busy with that. But I promise I will start updating the blog regularly very soon.

In the meantime I get interviewed by Smashion to be featured in the Smashion lounge. I absolutely love the interview and feel honored to have the opportunity. So go check out the interview and look forward to more regular posts!

Halloween Week Recap

This concludes Halloween Week with Fashion Without Borders. Though I’m sure I’ll throw in a couple more Halloween posts here and there between now and Halloween. So in case you missed any posts, I’m recapping the week:

Classic Costumes: Want a classic costume with a fashion twist. Then take a look at Fashion Without Border’s stylish versions of a Prisoner, 20’s Flapper, Little Red Riding Hood and Mermaid.

Creepy and Chic Halloween Decor: Costumes aren’t the only part of Halloween. Need ideas to turn your home into a creepy, scary yet chic haunted mansion? Read this post.

Stylish yet Scary Costumes: Want to be stylish AND scary this Halloween. Well you can do both with these ideas.

Fashion Halloween Costumes: For you fashion lovers, We have the perfect Halloween costume ideas for you. Check out these ideas inspired by fashion icons.

Stylish Pumpkins: The pumpkin plays a pivotal roll in decorating for Halloween. This year try an unexpected way to style your pumpkins. Check out this post for great ideas.

Unexpected Costume Ideas: Looking for a creative costume for Halloween this year. Check out this post for one-of-a-kind costume ideas.

Halloween Nails: Want a fun Halloween nail design that’s both spooky and sweet. Then check out this tutorial for candy corn and spider web nails.

DIY Halloween Costumes: Unexpected Ideas

Every Halloween you risk the chance of having 6 other girls wearing your costume idea. If your like me and hate matching, then these costume ideas are for you. They are one-of-a-kind, unexpected and stylish!

{Dress, Collar, Purse, Vest, Tights, Ears and Tail, Bracelet, Shoes}

101 Dalmatians inspired this costume. Get a group of your friends together and goes as Dalmatians with a stylish twist. Start with a black and white polka dot dress. Add a black fur vest and polka dot tights. For fun I added this Dalmatian print bag and a red velvet bow collar (you can easily use red ribbon). Don’t forget dog ears and a tail. This is what will make you look like a dog. For Dalmatian make-up try this look. Now all you need is a Cruella de Vil.

{Dress, Shoes, Tights, Nail Polish, Wig}

A pinata costume is an unexpected Halloween costume choice. And it’s so easy to make. All you need is a rainbow colored dress or a colorful fringe dress. Pair with colored decorated tights and sequin shoes. Add some candy jewelry like a ring pop or candy necklace or string some lollipops together to make your own necklace. Don’t forget a bright colored wig and bright make-up like this candy themed make-up tutorial. You can easily make your own pinata dress using streamers. If you want a funny twist, try a black eye for make-up to be a beat up pinata.

Halloween Nails: Candy Corn and Spider Webs

In case you guys haven’t realized, I’m in love with Halloween. I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by painting my nails in Halloween themed patterns. This weekend was spider webs. And this week I wanted to incorporate something sweet and something spooky. So I came up with these candy corn and spider web nails. Here are the steps:

1. Supplies:

  • Yellow Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Excuse me
  • Orange Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Hot Tamale
  • White Nail Polish: Pure Ice- Platinum
  • Top Coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails
  • Tape

2. Top Coat: Paint your nails with a base color of orange. I recommend giving your nails plenty of time to dry so the tape doesn’t damage the first layer. Try rocking the orange nails for a day before finish the look.

3. Lay Tape Strips: Cut thin strips of tape and lay them straight across the middle of all your fingers (except your ring finger). The width of the tape varies which each nail (i.e. your thumb strip will be thicker than your pinky strip.)

4. Paint Strips: Paint yellow below the tape. You may need to do a couple coats to allow the yellow to cover the orange. Let dry. Paint white above the tape. Again you may need to do a couple of coats. Allow to dry before removing the tape.

5. Ring Design: Using a thin brush and black nail polish or a black nail pen, Create a web design. Start by drawing three thick lines starting in the top corner of the nail and fanning out. Draw lines in-between to create the webbing. Paint a thin line of silver glitter at the tip of the nail.

VIOLA! Just lather on a top coat and you’ve got yourself some stellar Halloween nails.

Got any nail ideas of your own? Fee free to email me them.

Stylish Pumpkins

{Lace Pumpkin, Black and White Pumpkins, Jeweled Pumpkin, Pumpkin Vase}

Carving pumpkins is fun but there are so many more original ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkin. Above are a few of my favorite ideas.

Lace Pumpkin: I never thought of covering a pumpkin in lace until I saw this picture. So hit up your local fabric store and buy up a bunch of lace to cover your pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkin: Painting a pumpkin allows you to get much more creative. Paint typical Halloween icons on it or try somethins unexpected by painting it a stylish print (cheetah print, polka dots) The zebra print pumpkin is my favorite.

Bedazzeled Pumpkin: This is how I will be decorating my pumpkin this year. Get some jewels at the craft store and cover your pumpkin in them. Or make a design out of the jewels. I plan on painting my pumpkin black and covering it in jewels and studs.

Pumpkin Vase: This is great for a center piece or if you want a pumpkin that is both functional and decorative. Carve the inside of your pumpkin and decorate the outside to make it look like a creepy skeleton head. Then stick flowers in the top. For a pumpkin that’s creepy yet sweet.

Feel free to email me, or tweet me pictures of your decorated pumpkins.